Polityka prywatności

Confidentiality Policy

  1. Whether you need a translation of legal materials, legal agreement, contract, an official document, a company letter, medical records or any other sensitive documents, you can trust our certified professionals and project management team to execute your translation assignment in absolute confidentiality.
  2. We review and translate highly sensitive and extremely confidential materials on a daily basis. We recognize our ethical and professional responsibilities toward our clients. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to privacy, confidentiality, and professional responsibility. Our confidentiality practice standards are continually reviewed and updated by our project management and client relations committee.
  3. Confidentiality is one of the fundamental principles of the PAB Translation Centre Ltd service.
    Any disclosure of confidential information will be undertaken within the established breach of confidentiality agreement and interpreters code of conduct. All referrals are made with the knowledge and consent of the client. The only circumstances where a breach of confidentiality will be considered are: where there is a danger to clients or others or when not to do so would be breaking the law.
  4. All PAB staff must sign the Confidentiality and Protection of Legitimate company assets agreement and Interpreter Code of Conduct. Any person who has not signed these forms will not have access to information, which will enable a client to be identified without the informed consent of the client.
  5. The Management Board will treat information received and discuss confidentiality where it is commercially sensitive, where it concerns individuals or where it should otherwise be treated as sensitive. Directors will always act in the interest of the company.